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Why Buy?

If you are looking to take your video content to the next level, you’re in the right place. Whether you need to inspire emotion, or create interest, background music helps to boost the production value and cohesiveness of your video.
Viewers want an attractive video that flows well and is well-constructed. Background music is the bridge that allows the video to transition smoothly between different ideas or scenes.

Background music is also a smooth way to fill in moments that would otherwise be silent, and fill otherwise dead air when you have a visual but no sound. Sometimes there is only unrelated noise, such as street noise. Instead of an awkward gap, music maintains the energy of the moment and keeps your viewers engaged. Complete silence in a Youtube video is somewhat jarring and unusual, and can cause your viewer to lose interest and let their mind wander. Background music can even smooth over technical imperfections by disguising microphone hiss or the distracting wind noise in an outdoor shot.


Why Us?

Producers with a face, meet Asaf and Tal.

Our production duo boasts a combined 25 years experience producing, mixing, mastering and writing music. from pop, indie, rock, metal to hip-hop, bass/dance music, house and techno. Through all these years Asaf has been professionally producing, composing, drumming, recording and performing live shows along with artists, rappers, dj’s bands and theater acts, And Tal which invests most of his life for Musical harmony, melody creation and professional mixing, mastering and production abilities.


All of our music is fully licensed for commercial content. if you’re interested in exclusive content licensing, including permission for editing and vocals implementation – contact us

You may have searched for answers to questions like these: How do I license music for commercial use? Do I have to pay ASCAP license fees? Do I have to pay BMI license fees?
Well, when using OUR music there’s no need to license anything. When creating your own.. you must obtain a legal license in order to stream music at work. You can do so in a number of ways, such as by using a company that pays for those public performance licenses, like Cloud Cover Music. When you, as the business owner, acquire a license for a certain PRO, you can legally play the music from only that PRO’s catalog in your business. Acquiring these licenses can be costly and the subsequent monthly compliance reports can be time-consuming to complete and submit.

There are four main performing rights organizations that songwriters, composers, and publishers join in the US & Canada—ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers),  BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.), GMR (Global Music Rights), and SOCAN (The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada).


Why do you care?

Youtube and other social media algorithms automatically search for newly submitted copyright matches. If you content is found to contain copywritten material you may be sued for infringement, receive a copywrite strike, or have your account removed.

Verifying whether or not “free to use” or “Royalty free music” is truly difficult and time consuming as anyone can list audio online with this claim. Unfortunately, ignorance is not a valid defense for infringement, as it is the sole responsibility of the final user to clear any audio samples/tracks.

At VlogMusicBoutique.com we create all tracks in-house to ensure all content is an original work. No mystery contributors or unknown uploaders.



When you buy from VlogMusicBoutique, you are getting the “Rolls Royce” treatment. No shortcuts, no excuses, just the highest quality audio. You can rest easy knowing our simplified licensing process was custom made for an extremely limited group of content creators.


Vlog Music Boutique offers audio of the highest quality, at the best price on the market.
Video / Commercial / Movies Industry Curators and Editors – enjoy our music daily – without any commitment.
We believe in communication – you can always contact us with any question!

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