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Polyton License Terms

At Stock Music Boutique, you purchase a one-time license (“the License”) for each item/bundle of music (“the Music”), at a fixed price.

The license entitles you (“the Licensee”) to use the item for an unlimited period of time, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Ownership and intellectual property rights to the Music remain the property of Stock Music. Your right according to the License is limited to the following uses and limitations:
    1. Downloading of the licensed Music and using it in projects/ productions combining sound and visual media including promotional, advertising, personal and mass media.
    2. Usage of the Music by the Licensee shall not directly violate or be involved in any activities that may violate any terms of the License, and specifically in activities which cause the violation of intellectual property rights.
    3. The Music can be used for any purpose 
    4. The Licence does not permit standalone use of the Music, including but not limited to performing (publicly or remotely), recording or presenting the Music.
    5. The license is given solely to the Licensee who is prohibited from selling, reselling, copying, sharing, transferring or otherwise granting license to the Music.
    6. The Licensee is not permitted to include the Music in collections, libraries, playlists, or to resell or redistribute it either royalty-free music or via licensing.
    7. The Licensee shall not use the Music to create another musical piece, or in any way give the impression that the Music was created by themselves.
    8. The Licensee shall not use the Music in any illegal manner (by law or by court order), or to violate privacy, slander or insult any person/s or other entity.
    9. The Licensee shall not use the Music in any way that could damage any person or entity or the reputation of Stock Music Boutique, such as (but not limited to) usage in the context of pornography, violence, racism, hate, threats or any form of racial, religious, sexual, national or any other form of discrimination.
    10. In any case of doubt, the Licensee shall receive permission from Stock Music Boutique in writing for specific use of the Music that is not covered or prohibited in these Terms.


  • The License is not exclusive to the Licensee. Stock Music Boutique owns all copyrights to the Music and is entitled to sell additional licenses to the Music, which remains the sole intellectual property of Stock Music Boutique and its artists.
  • Stock Music Boutique confirms that the Music is original and that it owns full and exclusive rights to the Music, and that the Music does not infringe any copyright of another creator.
  • The Preview bundles are provided by Stock Music Boutique solely to enable testing the compatibility of the music contained in the bundle to the purposes of the Licensee and creating drafts of the intended usage. The Previews contain a watermark and shall not be used in part or in full for any other purpose.
  • The License is governed exclusively by the laws of the State of Israel, and any jurisdiction related to the License shall be held solely in the courts of law in Israel.
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